rich & creamy baked

This is the PERFECT baked chocolate cheesecake recipe. It’s rich, creamy, and loaded with chocolate from top to bottom - it is a chocolate lovers dream!

WHAT YOU NEED Oreo Crust chocolate sandwich cookies unsalted butter Chocolate Cheesecake Filling bittersweet chocolate full fat cream cheese granulated sugar dutch process cocoa powder espresso powder eggs vanilla extract heavy cream  Chocolate Ganache Dip bittersweet chocolate heavy cream oil truffles

1. Preheat the oven to 350F & prep a 9-inch springform pan. 2. Mix together the crushed Oreos and melted butter. Press it into the pan using the bottom of a measuring cup, along the bottom and halfway up the sides. 3. Bake for 7 minutes then allow it to cool while you start on the batter.

4. Place a heat-proof bowl over a pot of water. Place on the stove top over medium heat, bringing the water to a simmer. Add the chopped chocolate to the bowl and mix to melt. Remove from heat, keeping the bowl over the pot. 5.  In the bowl of a stand mixer mix the cream cheese until smooth. Scrape down the bowl and add in the sugar, cocoa powder, and espresso powder. Whisk until combined.

6. Mix and spread the cream cheese mixture around the inside of the bowl with a spatula to knock out any air.  7. Return to the stand and replace the whisk attachment with the paddle attachment. ONLY work on low speed from here on out. 8. Place a roast pan on the bottom rack of your oven (which should still be at 350F).

9. Start a pot of boiling water and return back to the cheesecake batter. Mix in the eggs one at a time, scraping down the bowl after every 2 minutes. Mix in the vanilla. 10. Once smooth, keep the mixer running on low and pour in the chocolate that you melted earlier. Slowly pour in the heavy cream.

11. Pour the batter into the springform pan and gently shake the pan to even it out. Some air bubbles may surface, so pop those with a toothpick. 12. Open the oven door and pull out the rack with the roast pan, just enough to where you can safely pour in the boiling water. Slide the rack back in and quickly place the cheesecake on the middle rack just above it. Close the door to stop the steam from escaping.

13. Bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes. Turn the oven off and crack open the door with the cheesecake still inside. Leave it in there for 30 minutes. 14. Then, remove the cheesecake and let it rest at room temperature for another hour. Run a knife along the edge of the cheesecake and remove the springform ring. Place the cheesecake in the fridge uncovered for at least 6 hours but preferably overnight.

15. Prep half of the batch of ganache about an hour before you’re ready to decorate. Add 4oz chopped chocolate to a bowl. In a glass measuring cup, heat 1/2 cup heavy cream in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or until it starts to bubble. 16. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then, whisk the two ingredients together until you reach a smooth ganache. Transfer the bowl to the fridge and chill for 45 minutes to an hour to thicken.

17. To get the chocolate ganache drip, repeat this process just before you’re ready to decorate the cheesecake, using the full recipe (8oz chocolate, 1 cup cream) but add 1-2 tsp of oil after it’s all mixed together. 18. Pour the ganache into the center of the cheesecake and use a small offset spatula to nudge it off the sides. Place the cheesecake in the fridge for about 15 minutes, then add the ganache swirls on top. Add some truffles on top and it’s ready to serve. Enjoy!